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CJF Plumbing will always recommend and use the best products/parts available on the market. Remember buying cheap parts can cause problems to reoccur sooner than perhaps a recognised brand with a good manufacturer warranty.

We will not use cheap parts at all. Our aim is to source top quality parts, at competitive prices for our customers. Here are some great products that we recommend that you have installed in your home or workplace. Contact us now for special supply and fit prices.



Ask yourself one question – “where do I turn off the mains water in an emergency?” It’s amazing how many people don’t even know where there stop cock is! Water leaks can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. Why not have a SureStop installed and take all the worry away with the flick of a switch.

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We are happy to be registered as a Platinum Installer on the SureStop website. This is a product we have fitted in many homes and cannot recommend it highly enough. Whether you are unable to turn off, or you cannot physically get to your stop cock then this is for you. A lot of elderly customers like this valve because it can be located in an easy location so they don’t need to bend down or worry about being able to grip the stiff stop cock tap.

SureStop is a budget solution to an age old problem, allowing you to turn off your mains water at the flick of a switch, quickly and easily. The remote switch operates solely on water pressure and does not require any batteries or electrics. Due to its convenient fitting, anyone can turn their mains water off by pressing a button in an easily accessible location, it’s as simple as that.

Think about this for a moment, do you turn your mains water off before you go on holiday? Probably not. Yet we comprehensively make sure we have locked all the doors, unplugged all electrics and set the house alarm. The reason as to why we don’t turn our water off? It is inconvenient, in involves having to reach or crawl into inconvenient spaces to reach our stopcock, whereas unplugging electrical items does not involve this. Allowing yourself a convenient remote switch placed on a wall, on a surface top or in a cupboard will allow you to tick ‘turn off mains water’ off your checklist!

Most people pay anything up to £500 excess if they make a claim on there household insurance, not to mention the stress and upset caused by the damage.

If you say you saw the offer here on our website, then we can offer a special price of £99 supplied and fitted, inclusive of VAT.

(please note this is subject to where your stop cock is located- when filling out the quote form please supply a picture of your stop cocks location if possible.)

If you are interested in having a SureStop fitted into your home, contact CJF Plumbing now!

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